Collective Programming Knowledge


Point of sale backend

Business financial administration

SeaQns (Sequence) - Spearheading the development, I created a robust financial bookkeeping system tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. This comprehensive solution encompasses efficient tracking, reporting, and analysis of financial transactions. Through meticulous design and implementation, the system provides businesses with a reliable tool for maintaining accurate financial records, facilitating informed decision-making, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.

Shopify & Wordpress websites

With expertise in both WordPress and Shopify, I've successfully crafted numerous websites, each a testament to my commitment to sleek design and seamless functionality. Among my ongoing successes, Tals Bijoux N.V. stands out as a thriving entity, showcasing an engaging online presence that perfectly aligns with the brand's essence. From e-commerce solutions to visually captivating platforms, my portfolio embodies a diverse range of web development achievements.

Sulivery logistics system

I'm excited to share the successful completion of my logistics software system, closely modeled after industry leaders such as FedEx. The primary emphasis of this project is on monitoring and enhancing order progress within the supply chain. Through meticulous design and implementation, the system provides a detailed and real-time overview of order status and progress. This includes key milestones, transit updates, and delivery timelines. This logistics solution is poised to significantly improve operational efficiency for businesses, offering a sophisticated and user-friendly interface dedicated to optimizing order management and progress tracking.

EDI converter

Pioneering a solution for seamless data exchange, I developed a system designed to rectify faulty Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files by converting them to a predefined standard. This innovative tool automates the correction process, ensuring compliance with specified standards and enabling smooth data transmission. The system's efficiency lies in its ability to quickly identify and rectify inconsistencies, promoting data accuracy and compatibility in the EDI ecosystem.

Email to ticket

Innovating in workflow efficiency, I designed and implemented a transformative system that seamlessly converts incoming emails into billable tickets. This intuitive solution not only streamlines communication but also automates the process of generating billable entries. By bridging the gap between communication channels and billing workflows, the system enhances productivity, accuracy, and client billing transparency.

Oracle Apex support

Providing dedicated support to a thriving company, I have actively maintained and enhanced a portfolio of 15 Oracle Apex applications. My responsibilities encompassed addressing bug fixes, implementing minor feature enhancements, and ensuring the continued smooth operation of each application. Through my ongoing support, I contributed to the reliability and efficiency of the company's technological infrastructure, fostering a seamless user experience across multiple Oracle Apex applications.

Wallet Integration

As the architect behind a cutting-edge phone credit top-up system, I successfully designed and implemented a seamless solution that interfaces with popular mobile wallets such as Mopé and Uni5Pay. This integration not only streamlined the process of recharging phone credit but also expanded the payment options for users. The result is a versatile and user-friendly system that enhances accessibility and convenience in mobile credit transactions.

Data collection system

Collaborating with a dynamic team of partners, I contributed significantly to the development of a sophisticated data collection system. This innovative solution not only transformed survey data efficiently but also involved a unique aspect of collecting information from skilled workers who specialize in transcribing hard copy documents. My role encompassed designing and implementing functionalities for seamless data transformation and integration. Together, we created a versatile system that combines technological efficiency with human expertise, catering to diverse data collection needs.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Collaborating with a dynamic team of partners, I played a pivotal role in the development of a cutting-edge HRMS. My focus on backend programming and strategic consultancy ensured the system's seamless integration and optimal performance. This collaborative effort streamlined HR processes, incorporating features such as employee self-service, payroll management, and performance tracking. Through my substantial contributions, we successfully delivered a tailored solution that significantly enhanced organizational efficiency and empowered effective human resource management.


In collaboration with a dedicated team, I played a vital role in extending the capabilities of the HRMS to include a robust Payroll System. Leveraging my expertise in backend development and strategic consultancy, our team created a dynamic payroll solution that has become a cornerstone for various large companies in the region. This collaborative effort ensured precise payroll processing, tax compliance, and financial transparency, providing tailored solutions that enhance efficiency for our clients.